3 simple steps for creating your “Home Sweet Home”

Portrait Of Happy Young Couple Sitting On Floor Looking Up While Dreaming Their New Home And FurnishingOur homes are reflections of ourselves. We seek to create spaces that represent who we are and what we love. Sometimes, making a house feel like home can be a daunting process. Picking the perfect paint colors, choosing the right furniture and finding the balance between practical and personal can feel a little overwhelming at times. Where should you even start?

Step 1:  Find your style.

Do you love the rustic simplicity of industrial design? Or do you lean towards contemporary vibes? Spend some time on Pinterest or look through a few magazines. Take a trip to your closet and find inspiration in your favorite outfits. Your home should feel comfortable and personal, and the best way to create that “home sweet home” feeling is by filling it with what you love.

Step 2: Define your home’s purpose.

Our homes serve many different purposes, but try to pinpoint what’s most important to you. Do you like to entertain friends or host family gatherings? Or do you look forward to curling up with a good book after a long day? Is your house the go-to hangout for your little ones and their friends? When you decide which roles your house will play in your life, the design process will be a lot easier.

Step 3: Don’t doubt yourself.

The final step in the design process is to be confident! If you want to display your collection of antique toys, but worry about how well they’ll go with your super-sleek sofa, just go for it. Try things out and move things around. If at first you don’t achieve the look you’re hoping for, keep trying. Stay true to yourself and everything else will fall stylishly into place.

So, before you wave the white flag, take a moment to rediscover what makes you the unique individual that you are. You know what you love, and you know how you want your house to make you feel. Show doubt the door and create your perfect “home sweet home.”