5 ways to make a happier home

Girl resting on couch with feet up, smiling, holding coffee cup, in overhead view.

Our homes are our safe havens, our retreats away from the outside world. Your surroundings play a big role in your state of mind, and the smallest things can make a big difference. By changing a few simple things in your home, you can feel a big emotional boost. Here are 5 little things that will make you happier every time you walk through the front door.

1) Make your bed. Yes, really. Making your bed is a keystone habit, a routine that is a catalyst for other habits. When you start the morning out by making your bed, you’ve already accomplished one small task for the day. That little boost in motivation can lead to a more positive and productive day.

2) Get rid of clutter. Our brains respond to visual stimuli in a lot of different ways. When you’re in a place that’s disorganized and messy, your brain can suffer from visual overload and anxiety ensues. Your brain responds positively to order, and the more visually clean a space is, the happier your brain will be. Establish order in every room, and get into the habit of keeping things nice and tidy.

3) Get sentimental. The more your house feels like home, the more content you’ll feel. Make your living spaces into galleries of positive memories. By decorating with things that have stories attached to them, you’re able to re-live those special memories each time they catch your eye.

4) Treat your housemates. Do something nice for the people (or pets!) you share you home with. Creating happy moments helps form lasting bonds with your housemates. Do little things around the house, or treat them to a day out! Positive experiences outside of the house will also contribute to a happier home atmosphere, because you’re living with people that enjoy your company.

5) Spend money on experiences. Invest in things that will encourage fun activities. Buy a grill and host a cook-out. Bring home a new DVD for an impromptu movie night. Create a fun outdoor gathering space and enjoy an evening with friends. Look for ways to inspire experiences and fill your home with happy memories.

Try these 5 simple things and feel even happier when you’re at home. Decorate your place with fun memories and a positive atmosphere, and the happiness will follow.