Custom Homes

What are custom homes?

A custom home is uniquely designed and built for a particular buyer, usually for a single family home.  The owner often chooses the precise location and owns the lot upon which the home is built.  The floor plan is created by an architect or home designer and is made to the exact specifications of the home owner.  This allows the home owner the ability to manage the layout of the home and the surrounding lot.

Custom home builders generally build in low volume, such as twenty-five houses per year.  However, the homes are higher-end homes, which cost more to construct due to the detail involved.

Production homes differ to custom homes in that the builder constructs in high volume and will build many houses at a time, usually within a subdivision, using two to four different floor plans.  Some call these “cookie-cutter” homes or condos, where the layouts are fairly similar to each other.  While they may be the same style of homes, the cost is reduced to produce these homes.

Home buyers who wish to build custom homes often look for building lots which have already been zoned and developed for building by developers. Having the lots already developed with access roads, curbs, gutters, sidewalks, and piping will accelerate the building process of a custom home since the lot is ready to build upon and the contracted builder can then focus on the design and construction of the new home.

What are spec homes?

The term “spec home” is short for speculative home. This occurs when a custom builder, rather than a home owner, will build a custom home on land they own usually with the intent to sell it afterwards.

Why are custom homes desirable?

When it comes to wanting to be distinguished from the neighbor next door or even the rest of the neighborhood or subdivision, a custom home depicts the owner’s personality, taste, and preference. A specific kind of home can be built to accommodate the particular way an individual or family lives, with a way to express their individual preferences.

What are the benefits of custom homes over traditional builds?

There are benefits and shortcomings to building a custom home versus purchasing a production home. One benefit of a custom home is that you will receive much more individual attention from the builder, who is specifically hired by you. You have the ability to manage and plan every detail of your new home, from its layout and type of home, such as a rambler or two-story home, right down to the fixtures, cabinets, paint and carpet. The drawback of a custom home is that it will have a much higher cost per square foot, and with all the details to be decided, it will likely take more time to build.  But if you have the time and the resources to do it, a custom home will carry a higher value and appraisal than a production home. This means if you decide to sell your home, you will most likely be able to list a higher sale price.

To see if a custom home is right for you, call the professionals at Maple Shade Construction. You can call our American Fork Utah office at 801-420-5292. We’ve been building custom homes in Utah for many years. We will guide you through the process of making a custom home that is perfect for your individual preferences.