Green Building

What is green building?

A green building is a custom home or building that is environmentally sound and able to sustain itself in its design and construction. Its operation and energy consumption is designed to be minimal to reduce the impact the structure has on the environment.

There are three main goals to consider for achieving a green building:

  • Reduction of energy consumed by the building
  • Conservation of water within the structure as well as without in the surrounding areas
  • Waste recycling to minimize the impact on the environment

Why is green building important?

Well designed and constructed green buildings will reduce costs, save money, increase comfort, and provide for healthier environments for people to live and work. These improvements allow for enhanced indoor air quality, more natural light during daylight hours, and thermal comfort.

Green buildings are important in order to meet the requirements of today’s needs without jeopardizing the ability of future generations to be able and sustain their own needs.

How does it relate to custom home building?

Green building concepts can be incorporated into custom homes to reduce energy costs and the impact on the environment. Renewable energy provides clean energy without the emissions of that other sources of energy leave behind. Sources of renewable energy can be implemented into green buildings and into home. These sources of energy include: Wind, Hydro (Water), Solar (sun), Biomass, Geothermal, and Ocean

How can energy efficiency be beneficial in custom homes?

Upgrading appliances or building a custom home with green energy technologies will not only add beauty and enjoyment to any kind of home, but it also increases the value of the home if or when you choose to sell. Furthermore, if you make green upgrades, then you can also start recouping your investment in these green energy technologies through rebates, tax advantages, energy conservation, and cost reduction of bills once you complete the projects.

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