Interior Design

What is interior design?

When a custom home or office building is constructed, the design and resulting look and feel of the inside interior space is just as important as the design of the outer structure of the building. This interior “look and feel” is called interior design. The interior design will include details such as:

  • size, style and type of windows;
  • textured, painted or fabric walls;
  • kinds of doors;
  • type of flooring, whether it be carpet, hardwood or even tile;
  • decisions regarding lighting  if it is to be direct lighting or soft ambiance;
  • and choices in furniture and décor

The interior design gives the first impression of a home or business office, and will make an important statement. Whether the design is for a project as small as a room, or a home, or as large as a corporate building, all details are carefully considered in the design of the interior space.

Why is it important?

The goal is to create an area or space that is very visually pleasing, comfortable, and is also designed to be very functional.  But more important, the interior design will include safety measures such as:

  • Ensuring fire codes are considered for the materials and furnishings included in the final design
  • Making certain building codes for federal, state and local areas are followed and implemented in the inner design
  • In commercial buildings, ensuring that the design standards for disabled or elderly persons and other special needs groups including the American Disabilities Act (ADA) are provided.
  • Providing for healthy ergonomics of work settings and environment
  • Ensuring lighting quality for optimum results
  • Providing for the correct amount of desired acoustics and sound
  • Making certain the interior finishes are in accordance to health, safety and welfare standard for  public buildings and can also be applied to residential design

How does it relate to home building?

The interior design of a home or building will come from the team of professionals which will work closely together.  The interior designer will work with the client, architect custom home builder to determine the structure of a space, the functionality for which the space is needed, the needs of the occupants, safety measures and building codes, and the style of the space.  All these factors will work together to make the perfect interior setting for your custom home .

There are many things that must be coordinated between the architects, owners and the interior designer–so good communication between all three is the key to successful results.

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