What is a custom home addition?

A custom home addition is just that, an additional improvement to your home. Whether it’s a large addition to your home such as building a second story on the top of your existing home, adding a room on top of a garage, adding a sun room, or even a building on to a modular house, an addition is a great way to find more space using the resources you already have.

Why would you it?

Are you running out of space in your home? Is your family exceeding the rooms you have? Is the kitchen area not big enough for your expanding family or guests? Are there not enough bathrooms that came with the original home? Maybe you would like more storage space or a room over a garage. Additions to a home can make a night and day difference in the comfort and functionality of your home and at the same time increase its value.

While your first thought might be to simply go look for a new home with more space or a design with more area, if the space is the main factor, a home addition is an excellent option.  It is less expensive to add to your existing home rather than to sell and to purchase a new home.  The money that you would save in closing costs would better be spent towards a home addition, not to mention the upheaval of moving.

When you weigh the options of the many ways to add space to your house, a home addition is the smartest way to add space to your existing home over other means, such as remodeling a basement or an attic.

What are the benefits?

  • Extra space tailored to the way you live
  • Ability to work on your own time table
  • Capability to control when you want the project to begin
  • Ability to schedule it around the time of year in which the project will happen
  • With the help of an architect and home builder, you can design the addition to your own needs, wants and vision for the space

Things to consider before building a home addition:

Bear in mind before contracting out a home addition, or any large home remodeling project, there are several important items to think about, including:

  • home market values of local areas
  • costs of the custom home or home addition
  • layout and design plans
  • how to finance the addition
  • the timetable you want for project
  • how much you want to give (or not give) in sweat equity
  • your level of tolerance for the disruption of living which will be involved

A custom home addition can make a tremendous difference in your quality of life. To find out more how a home addition can add value to your home and add comfort, convenience and space to your home, contact Maple Shade Construction. Call our American Fork Utah office at 801-420-5292.